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Carve Snowboarding Patch Notes: 23 September 2021 Update (version 1.08)

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Carve Release Notes : 23 September Update (version 1.08)


New Course - Night Line

  • A seventh Course has been added, Night Line. Speed down the slopes of a resort town as darkness begins to descend.

    • Includes its own Leaderboards, and all new collectible items (see below for details).

New Collectibles

  • 5 new collectible items - a board, two pairs of gloves and two tapes - have been added and are available to collect on the new Night Line Course.

--- CHANGES ---


  • The new Night Line Course now appears as the third selectable Course in the UI (so Rock Caves becomes the 4th and so on, with Tempest now being the 7th).

  • Medal requirements to unlock Courses have changed as follows:

    • Rock Caves (for players who have not yet unlocked it) now requires 2 medals from Night Line to unlock instead of 2 medals from Forest.

    • Tempest now requires 4 medals from the previous Course instead of 6.

  • Time Attack bronze & silver medals have been made considerably easier to attain, to account for those players who have a hard time unlocking Courses.

    • All bronze medal objectives now have 20~30 seconds added to them.

    • All silver medal objectives now have 10~15 seconds added to them.

  • Freestyle bronze medals have been made slightly easier to attain.

    • All bronze medal objectives now have 1000~6000 points subtracted from them.

    • Valley’s silver medal objective now has 2000 points subtracted from it.

    • Tempest’s silver medal objective now has 5000 points subtracted from it.

  • Note: Gold and Platinum all remain unchanged to preserve challenge for those players that want it. The above changes help ease the unlocking of all Courses for all players.

Challenge Winners

  • Added Challenge winners' names to the end of the credits

Updated a few localised strings in Japanese and Spanish

--- BUG FIXES ---

Oculus Challenges

  • Fixed issue with Time Attack Challenges not saving times sometimes.

Other Issues

  • Fixed a bug with the Course start UI jitter.

  • Fixed a bug with lamp posts not punishing players with visor snow if crashed into.

  • Fixed a few minor issues with environment geometry.

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1 Yorum

José Ángel Estévez
José Ángel Estévez
27 Eyl 2021

Hi again, guys!

Very fun this NightLine course, but... it's not smooth at all in Oculus Quest 2. I think the update you made in order to change 72 Hz to 90 Hz is not a good choice. In 95% of games, I prefer to rise supersampling on Quest 2 (110%, 120%, 140%, ...) manteining 72 Hz than rise Hz to 90 (or more).

Of course, 90 is smoother than 72 but sometim... a lot of times the difference is not very noticeable, but the difference between 100% and 120% (or 140%) supersampling is very noticeable and it has a lower cost for the cpu / gpu.

Maybe, add option to select what you prefer (Hz or supersampling) could be great!…

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