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The GOLF PIN Update!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, GOLF PINS are now LIVE on Steam!

The Cursed to Golf team here at Chuhai Labs is very excited to finally share our latest update with you! The all new GOLF PINS update is available on Steam RIGHT NOW! Go forth and finally ASCEND TO GOLF HEAVEN!

Golf Purgatory just got a big shake up! Say hello to the all-new GOLF PINS!

Now at the start of each Round you’ll be able to choose from one of three random Golf Pins to take with you on your quest to ascend to Golf Heaven. These magical new objects (some say are a gift from Golf God himself!?) can have a significant impact on how you approach every Hole!

Bolster your chances of survival in the depths of Golf Purgatory by choosing the Pins to suit your style!

  • Want more shots? Purchase a Destroy All Shot Idols Pin!

  • Want a boost from the Tee Off? Purchase a Tee-Off power Pin such as Tee-Off Rocketball.

  • Want another chance after failing a Hole? Purchase a Last Chance Pin to rewind and act like nothing happened!

With over 50+ variations and powers, you’ll find the Golf Pin to match your playstyle and help fix any weaknesses in your game.

💀 A Golf-Like too Hellish? Not any more!

Then these new Golf Pins will help! Choose from tons of combinations to solidify your path to Ascension! Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the course, this update offers a customizable experience that ensures a fun and more approachable game. It’s never been easier to reach the heights of Golf Heaven! You can do it!

🏌️ Find your Combo!

Equip up to three pins at a time and play to your strengths! You can select Golf Pins that complement how YOU play. Fancy starting every hole with a Tee-Off U-Turn? GO FOR IT! Or want to challenge yourself and start every hole with a new hand of Ace Cards? New Ace Card Deck is for you! Choose your three pins wisely and master the course in your own way! That pesky Greenskeeper won’t stand a chance!

🛒 Splurge or Shop wisely?

If you want more Golf Pin options (there’s A LOT!) more are now available at your local Eterni-Tee! The ghostly Caddies are waiting for you to check out the new PINS section! Don’t like their options? You can always pay to reroll and reveal three new choices! Try to combo some Pin powers together!

⛳ 💀 ⛳ 💀 ⛳

This update is all about enhancing your Golf-Like experience, bringing more fun and strategy to Cursed to Golf than ever before! So Tee up, select your favorite Golf Pins and show that stupid Greenskeeper who's boss! Fore-tunately, it's time to golf like you've never golfed before. Swing into action with The Golf Pins Update now on Steam!

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