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Carve Snowboarding Patch Notes : 15 July 2021 Update (version 1.06)

--- CHANGES ---


  • Added “Play” button links for all 12 leaderboards in the Oculus universal menu / Scoreboards app.

    • Press the Play button (top right of chosen leaderboard) to quick-start a play session directly on that leaderboard’s Course and mode.

--- BUG FIXES ---

Ghost Races

  • Fixed Ghost data crossing the finish line with a ~2 second delay. Now crosses the finish line at the expected time.

  • Fixed the HUD UI arrow overlapping its distance text element when the Ghost is too far ahead or behind.


  • Fixed issue with board frontside (FS) & backside (BS) not being recognised correctly.


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1 comentário

24 de jul. de 2021

Are there any plans on porting this game to Steam or make it compatible with other VR platforms?

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