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Who is Chuhai Labs?

VITEI BACKROOM, INC launched its new brand, Chuhai Labs in 2020! This exciting new venture is our foray into game development and publishing. As Chuhai Labs, we’ll be bringing you original game content, engaging community mayhem, and plenty of farout announcements to come!

Game Development

Our dedicated Chuhai scientists are hard at work on new and groundbreaking games and IP. We are toiling away to get you quality entertainment on current and next gen consoles, VR platforms, and just maybe even a tiny handheld console! Good things are on the way. 


We will be publishing our own titles and also will be looking to recruit like-minded game developers to share their visions with the world to publish under the Chuhai Labs name. Our lab technology will support public relations & community management, localization, and production.


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Contact Us

〒604-8202 京都市中京区突抜町129番地 / 129 Tsukinuke-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8202 JAPAN

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