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Update 1.0.3 features a-hole host of bug fixes & changes for Cursed to Golf! ⛳

Greetings cursed Golfers,

It's been a week since Cursed to Golf opened its gates to Golf Purgatory and the first thing we want to do is to thank you all. So: THANK YOU!❤️ It's so great to see you all playing our little Golflike. And thanks a ton for providing a massive bunch of feedback since the release. That's really appreciated!

And of course we want you to have as much fun as possible with Cursed to Golf! That's why the update 1.0.3 is available from now on, featuring a bunch of fixes and changes including zoom toggle, mystery pack card changes and upped cash.

But there is way more - this is the complete change log including all fixes and changes:

Design Changes:

Zoom Toggle

  • New feature - The ability to zoom out has been added.

  • Players can toggle between the default camera and a new zoomed out frame.

  • Birdie Eye camera options unchanged.

Cash Rewards

  • Upped; players will now receive more cash per hole completion.

Mystery Booster Packs

  • Mystery Boosters now have the ability to unlock late game cards earlier.

  • Cost upped - $1250

Blessing Meter

  • Ace Card reward rate upped.

  • “Practice Shot” added to the card reward pool.

Power Meter

  • Animation speed slowed across all clubs.

Angle Meter

  • Animation speed slowed across all clubs.

Curse Trigger UI

  • Opacity changed; when players change clubs or start a shot the Curse Trigger UI in the top-right corner of the screen will lower in opacity.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where controller input is unrecognized upon the main menu.

  • Fixed issue where Explorer Boss Cutscene “Short” would play incorrectly.

  • Fixed issue where Hole 16/17 Ace Card chest rewards were incorrect.

  • Adjust position and appearance of the auto-saving icon.

  • Fixed issue where Ace Cards could be interacted with while the “Curse Survived” banner was playing in Cursed holes, causing input issues.

  • Ace Card Chest icons flip immediately after opening them on the World Map.

  • Fixed issue with Course Map not scrolling enough to show all holes.

  • Disabled the ability to fast-forward through the final textbox of cutscenes.

  • Disabled the ability to fast-forward through the Boss “Boon Unlocked” textbox.

  • Increased scroll speed of Course Map when using mouse wheel input.

  • Fixed issue where Eterni-tee hub objects couldn't immediately be interacted.

  • Fixed issue with fast-forwarding Boss golf shots, causing issues.

  • Golf Ball is now destroyed when colliding with the camera collision boundary.

  • Fixed art issue with lava pits in Hole 18.

  • Fixed missing localization text for the Forgotten “Short” intro cutscene.

  • Fixed issue where cutscenes wouldn't pause on the final dialog before a playable section of a cutscene.

  • Ace Card controls UI tip box issues addressed.

  • Fixed issue where the equivalent of "NEW ROUND" in Italian and Brazilian Portuguese localization was mixed.

  • Fixed issue where the Explorer’s “Gimme” wouldn't trigger when going into a Mimic.

  • Force game app into the nearest supported resolution when on a display with an unsupported aspect ratio or resolution.

  • Fixed issue where Golf Ball would fall out of Pipe Rail entrances when fast-forwarding.

  • Fixed issue with camera when using a radial controlled Ace Card at the starting point of a hole.

  • Fixed issue where the Scotsman would sometimes appear to jump forward in position before taking a shot.

  • Fixed issue where Front 9 and Back 9 trophies would sometimes not trigger.

  • Fixed issue where the wrong rewards would be given in Ace Card chests.

  • Master Audio set to 75% by default.

Thank you so much for the ongoing interest and feedback for Cursed to Golf. You folks are purely awesome, each and everyone of you! ❤️

We’ll see you on the leaderboard!

Liam & the Chuhai Labs Team

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