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Steam Community Items Available Now!

Happy Monday fellow Cursed Golfers,

We hope you all have a good start into the new week! If not we can hopefully help you out a little bit, because the Steam Community Items for Cursed to Golf are now available!

The Cursed to Golf Steam Community Items include:

  • 5 Emoticons

  • 5 Profile Backgrounds

  • 5 Trading Cards

  • Badge (5 Levels + Foil Badge)

If you have played Cursed to Golf and didn’t do it yet, please tell your friends and leave a review here on Steam – or wherever you bought the game. The more reviews, the more potential Cursed Golfers we can enrapture into our Hellish Golfing experience! ❤️

In the meantime, we continue to work on making Cursed to Golf the best possible gaming experience for you beloved golfers. Therefore, thank you once again for all the feedback we continue to receive from you. It's really valuable to us, and we read and analyze everything we get. Promise!

Have a great week everyone!

Liam & the Chuhai Labs Team

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