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Halloween Event! Carve Snowboarding Patch Notes: 26 October 2021 Update (version 1.09)

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Carve Release Notes : 26 October 2021 Update (version 1.09)


New Event - Halloween Forever

  • A new time-limited event, “Trick Or Treat” is live October 26th~November 26th.

  • This event is a collaboration with the game Halloween Forever, exclusively for the Halloween season.

  • New collectibles appear on every Course. Many of these are hoax items (Tricks), one of them is a real item (Treat) unique to this time-limited event (see below for details).

New Collectibles

  • 7 new collectible items - 3 boards, 3 pairs of gloves and a tape - have been added and are available to collect via the Halloween event (see details above).

    • Note that these items are only available to collect during the Halloween event, but will remain in your save data even after the event ends.

--- CHANGES ---

Play Tutorial Button

  • The “Play Tutorial” button has been removed from the pause menu when on a Course, due to issues it was creating.

  • The button is still available from the Cabin pause menu, and Main Menu screens.

Challenge Winners

  • Added most recent Challenge winners' names to the end of the credits.

--- BUG FIXES ---

Tutorial Related Leaderboard Times

  • Fixed a bug where the tutorial button could be used to obtain unrealistic Time Attack times.

Other Issues

  • Fixed a bug with the board Yetee Flex.

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